Our History

Pastor Dave with Rutgers Students at ROC, a new Generation Z church plant.

Hi, I’m David Butler, the young dude on the left, and founder of Jesus4Students.  The Lord gave me a passion to reach the next generation for Himself a number of years ago.  So in 2006, I started Christian dating advice website  as an attempt to biblically and relevantly address their needs. The site still gathers tens of thousands of  visitors worldwide on a monthly basis.

Pursuing His vision further, in January 2010, I left my secure career of 26 years in Family Court to be a church planter and  licensed pastor through the C&MA church planting movement. Starting out at my own dining room table, in Fall 2010, the Lord used me to launch  Oasis Church.    Hundreds of people have come to Christ through this church plant, and in 2017 the church was blessed  with its own building. Is God amazing or what?

In Fall 2015, the Lord refined this vision to reaching students located on college campuses.  Believing that God honors faith filled risk taking,  I arrived on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick with nothing but a box of Bibles. Less than a year later,  on September 11, 2016,  He miraculously allowed us to launch  Rutgers.Church (ROC).  I started this stand alone collegiate church organically by growing a team of students, and empowering and equipping them to take on leadership roles. Students love to take ownership of things, if we only give them the chance!

I call the ROC church planting model a “student led-elder fed” church, and it’s a  prototype of the kind of church plants we at J4S want to help start and assist in university areas all over the world with the help of partners like you! You can help make an eternal impact on the next generation of leaders by giving to this cause.